DSBWorldWide Announces the Release of CosmetologyEduClasses.com

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

TDLR Approved Courses Satisfies Continuing Education Requirements for Texas Cosmetologists

SHERMAN, Texas - (May 11, 2015) - Innovative North Texas-based technology company DSBWorldWide, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Texas.CosmetologyEduClasses.com. This newly unveiled collection of continuing education courses was designed specifically to satisfy the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) continuing education requirements for the renewal of a cosmetology operator license, or an esthetician, manicurist, esthetician / manicurist or eyelash extension specialty license, or a hair weaving, hair braiding or wig specialty certificate.

“All of these courses have been approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and were designed for those who want the best training in the least amount of time,” says Tony Dean, founder and CEO of DSBWorldWide, Inc. “Each course is self-paced. At any given point, users may start or stop the training material, then come back later, and log in with a unique username and password, and pick up where he or she left off.”

The TDLR requires licensees to complete a total of 4 hours of continuing education through department-approved courses for licensees with licenses expiring after September 1, 2012. The courses are geared toward specific cosmetology interests. Each 4-hour course includes two hours of continuing education instruction in Sanitation, one hour of CE instruction in Health and Safety, and one hour of CE instruction in the licensee’s preferred specialty area, such as Skin Health, Nail Health or Hair Health. There is also an available 1-hour Sanitation course designed for licensed cosmetologists employed within the State of Texas who are at least 65 years old, who have held a cosmetology license for at least 15 years and who need to obtain continuing education credits in order to meet the State of Texas continuing education requirements for Hair Stylist, Manicurist, Facialist, Hair weaving, Shampoo and Wig Technicians.

“Our goal and mission with texas.cosmetologyeduclasses.com is to provide an elegant online Cosmetology Continuing Education course at a minimal cost to the student,” Dean continued. “CEC’s certification system allows cosmetologists to sign up easily, study at their own pace, and to receive their State of Texas Accredited Cosmetology Continuing Education certificate with the least amount of hassle possible.”

CEC even helps cosmetologists keep up with their certificate. The simple online system maintains a copy so users can log in to their account and print off another Cosmetology  Edu Classes certificate whenever they need to.

Texas.CosmetologyEduClasses.com is a service provided for cosmetologists employed within the State of Texas through Cosmetology Edu Classes, a subsidiary of DSBWorldWide, Inc.

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